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    FAQ is a multilingual catalog of companies.
Today when the world is so small knowing just one language is not enough. Even knowing one foreign language is not enough too.
That is why we created this multilingual catalog of companies, because companies are the very base of a business world.
Difference of our catalog of companies is it's multilingual option. We describe companies in several languages.
Today we started with 3 languages, but in the future we will increase this amount of languages.
Please watch our animated intro about our miltilingual catalog of companies.
Please watch the video below on how to add your company to our multilingual catalog of companies.
How can i add my company. is a multilingual catalog of companies and for this reason we translate all services and product descriptions of your company into different languages. Imagine that someone, some where in the world is searching for a product or a service which is similar to your company's service or product, but, on his own language. At this point search engine will show him as a result our site, because we have translated your company's services and product descriptions to other languages before. And when that person will click on the link of our site he will come across with your company's profile where all that he is looking for is written. That is why any body in the world can see your company's description or products even if that person doesn't know your language.
We want to make our services better and easier for you, that is why have user packs.
This packs are

When you register for the first time on our catalog of companies, you become a Standard user.  If you go on with this pack you will not be able to choose any other
language and description of your company will be limited in amount of characters.
If you will choose Gold user pack, you will be able to select second foreign language for your company's description and amount of characters will be more than in
Standard pack.
PREMIUM user pack gives you all the possibilities of our multilingual catalog of companies without any limitations. 
What is Prosektor Referral Link?
It is easy. All you have to do is just add the link of our site which is shown below on Main Page of your internet site after <head> tag (if you don’t know how to do this, ask the team who made the site for your company to do this, it will not take even 2 minutes for them to do this). And when our logo appears on your internet site we will provide you below advantages.

After registering to our catalog and becoming one of our Paid User we will;

1. For PREMİUM Users registration period will be prolonged for +6 months for FREE.
2. For GOLD Users registration period will be prolonged for +3 months for FREE.

Let’s say you registered to our catalog, but you don’t want to be one of our paid users;

1. For STANDART Users we can offer to remove the product or service introduction images limit to the level of paid user.

So add the link below to the Main Page of your internet site after the <head> tag.
And after adding please let us know by sending the link of your internet site adres to;

We offer you paid services so that you can get maximum of our catalog of companies. But this is not always enough for those who always want to be on top, who always want to leave behind all his competitors. Here our RATING system can do all this for you. Shortly we can say that “More Rating you have, more ahead you are”. Every new Rating will take you higher in all steps of our catalog of companies.
        For example, you have a rent a car. You registered in our catalog of companies, and after that you decided to buy one of our paid services, how a wonderful decision. But as you already may realize there are some other rent a car companies also. And they are also using one of our paid services.

Every Rating that you will purchase from us will make your company higher among all companies in your sector.

        How and where? Let us explain, when you click All Sectors in our site you can see related to your sector heading, and when you click that sector you can see  there that 20 companies are listed there and all of them are paid companies. When you purchase Ratings your company will remain on the top of your company’s sector list. Or when someone will search “rent a car” in the search field, we will show in the search results paid companies with high rating.

For the cost of Rating please get in touch with us.
Who can register to our Multilangual Catalog of Companies? Who can register to our Multilingual Catalog of Companies?

1. All companies who got the status of legal entities such as Limited Companies, Incorporated company, personal firms (grocers, tailors, barbers).
2. Non legal entities, such as; freelancers, tutors, home workers or even housewives.

3. Companies who want to obtain customers from overseas, but don't have enough foreign language, hospitals, massage saloons, beauty saloons and etc..

4. Those who say or think that they are not dealing with overseas market, we say -
"ok, you may not deal with overseas market but why don't think about local market? Local potential customers also can find you in our catalog"
This is multilingual catalog of companies, it will describe your company, goods or your services as well.

5. As we offer free of charge user pack also, you can register and stay forever free in our catalog, so that local companies or even overseas companies can find you and your goods. This is also possible, think about it.